LightControl is an indicator comprised of a blue compound that exhibits a progressive and nonreversible colour change while exposed to light. It acts as an early warning system for light sensitive objects. When the indicator colour turns from blue to purple, the yearly display allowance has been spent, meaning that the object has been exposed to the maximum amount of light recommended by art experts. If the indicator keeps its blue colour over a one-year period (or more), the lighting conditions comply with international museum recommendations and can be considered safe for the artefact. This does not mean that the object will not deteriorate at all from exposure to light; instead it indicates that the degradation from light will be gradual enough to not be noticeable for a century or more.


Partitioned boxes for book storage

Partitioning boxes for book storage. Specially designed to store books of different shapes and sizes in a single box format. The kit includes four 3mm-thick strips – two of 41cm and two of 31cm -, making them adaptable to PM3040 boxes and ideal for storing books ranging from 10 x 13cm to 26 x 36cm.
Made from compact cardboard100% bleached chemical pulp, with no lignin and no acid, pH value of 7.5, buffered with natural calcium carbonate.


pHibox DUO® - SL Model

Model designed for stowing and keeping books on racks. Open box made from 1600 micron DUO® heavyweight boxboard, ensuring excellent accessibility to books. Features invisible staple strips on the inside.


Polyester HCL Album Pages

Timecare® Album Pages for the safe storage and display of photographs, documents and ephemera. Made from a specially developed high clarity,clear archival laminate (HCL) of polyester and virgin polyethylene which combines the strength pf polyester with the weldability of polyethylene. Independently tested by the Image Permanence Centre and passes the P.A.T standards (Photographic Activity Test). They have a binder edge (25mm), with 4 holes punched at 80mm centres.
The wide variety of ‘pockets’ within the Timecare® Album Page range gives flexibility of storage in one ringbinder album/box. Pocket entry is gained either from the short or long side of the page. Overall page size : 26 x 32 cm.
Suitable for ringbinder boxes BCPHI1, BCPHI2, BCPHI4, BCPHI5, CLAS2833 or ECLASA4


pHoton™ Four Flap Enclosures for Glass plate and Film Negatives

These 100% cotton, high purity, silver image safe papers and photographic storage products.
The pHoton™ range consists of papers made from un-sized pure cotton fibres which are virtually 100% pure alpha cellulose containing no chemicals whatsoever and because of this they are probably the purest of all photographic storage papers. They are un-calendered to allow maximum airflow and prevent any potentially harmful build up of gases that may be emitted by the photographic material stored within the enclosure. Due to their purity and porosity, these papers can be used safely for long term storage of all kinds of photographic materials be they negatives or prints and irrespective of the photographic technique used to create them. They can, of course, be used for storing any object requiring a non alkaline paper.
2 models:
• Enclosures made from 80gsm, with 4 big flaps.
• Enclosures made from 80gsm, with 2 big flaps and 2 small flaps.


Archival Flap Folder

Made from pour DUO® 1000 micron heavyweight boxboard. Designed for storage of documents in maps and plans furniture. Features cotton tape on 3 sides to facilitate safe transportation. Chemically neutral, specially designed for the protection, conservation and storage of large documents. A0 format available on request.


pHoton™ paper

These 100% cotton, high purity, silver image safe papers and photographic storage products. The pHoton™ range consists of papers made from un-sized pure cotton fibres which are virtually 100% pure alpha cellulose containing no chemicals whatsoever and because of this they are probably the purest of all photographic storage papers. They are un-calendered to allow maximum airflow and prevent any potentially harmful build up of gases that may be emitted by the photographic material stored within the enclosure. Due to their purity and porosity, these papers can be used safely for long term storage of all kinds of photographic materials be they negatives or prints and irrespective of the photographic technique used to create them. They can, of course, be used for storing any object requiring a non alkaline paper.


FABRIANO copy class 1 – papier permanent photocopie

Natural paper. Very high whiteness. Produced with 100% of E.C.F. pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free), F.S.C. certified (©1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.) from forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards. Acid free with alkaline reserve to guarantee long permanence - Long Life (ISO 9706). Ideal for copies, laser and inkjet prints, fax.

Specifications :

• 100% cellulose ECF (elementary chlorine free) without chlore
• Certificate FSC (Certificate N° CQ-COC-00009)
• Humidity percentage : (ISO 287) between 3,5 and 5,5 %
• Grammage (ISO 536) : between 78 and 82 g/m2
• Thickness (ISO 534) : between 98 and 108 microns
• Absorption (Cobb ISO 535) : 30g/m2
• Whiteness (ISO 2470) : between 113,5 and 116,5%
• Opacity (ISO 2471) 91%


Silicon paper

Paper with silicon treated of 2 sides, has a degree of porosity often favoured by conservators and bookbinders.


Reactive Intercept™ Barrier System (RIBS) Foil

Moisture & oxygen barrier film with off gassing interceptor
Re-usable packaging system with permanent electrostatic protection and a self contained de-ionizer for corrosive gases. The outer side of the film is carbon conductive polymer, whilst the inside layer is CORROSION INTERCEPT® which prevents the ingress of moisture; it also neutralises atmospheric pollutants and oxidising gases. The construction of this high specification material combines an outer layer of tough polypropylene with an aluminium foil and an interior layer of CORROSION INTERCEPT®. This makes the material highly durable and when sealed the contents are cocooned within an environment that is impervious to moisture, oxygen, atmospheric pollutants and oxidising gases. When sealed (preferably with partial vacuum) this rapidly produces a micro climate within the bag that is dry and free of atmospheric corrosive gasses.
Unlike traditional scavengers such as charcoal and micro sieves, the inner layer of Intercept does not simply trap gases and pollutants it reacts with and neutralises them permanently. The material was initially developed for use in aerospace and data storage where material off gassing is a major concern, so it has been designed to be ultra low off gassing and is ironically very clean. The CORROSION INTERCEPT® layer is inherently anti-static and also acts as a passive bactericide fungicide.


Premier™ Bookshoe Boxboard – Solid Colour Centre

This solid colour boxboard is made to the same high specification as the Premier™ Archival Folding Boxboard, but is a solid colour throughout.
This board has been manufactured in a light fast sepia/brown colour and is used mainly for the production of unobtrusive protective ‘book shoes’ for leather bindings in antique or specialist libraries.
As with the Premier™ Archival Folding Boxboard, this board meets the most stringent requirements of long term archival storage for conservation into book shoes, boxes or folders and only Evacon-R™ an EVA plasticiser free adhesive is used in its manufacture.


Gummed Tyvek® Tape

Conservation Quality Gummed Tape for Mounting, Framing and Bookbinding developed by Conservation By Design. Tyvek® is a synthetic fibre made from Spun Bonded Polyolefin which is inert and acid free. Made using 105gsm Tyvek® 1057 D with a Water Activated Starch Adhesive pH7.5 This tape offers greater strength yet is thinner than conventional gummed ‘cloth’ mounting tapes. This is beneficial when used for hinging over-mounts to be stored in Solander boxes as it will create less ‘fanning’ to the taped side therefore the mounts will lay flatter. It has many other uses including the production of custom made portfolios. Available in White and Black Activate with a damp sponge or roller. Do not over moisten.
Applications :
Mounting, hinging and box, folder and portfolio construction


Aluminium Gas Barrier Tape

Scotch 425 Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape has been tested by the British Museum and has been passed for permanent exhibition use for Copper, Silver and Lead by the Oddy Test. 50 mm wide x 50 metres long x 0.12 mm thick. The tape can be used in conjunction with MOISTOP PP004 Barrier Foil.


Ballpoint pen for wet paper

The ideal pen for those who work outside. Perfect for gadget lovers. Writes at 360 degree angle (upside down) Cold resistant ink that will not freeze in temperatures as low as –20˚c. Writes on wet paper.


Mechanical pencil

Professional quality, ideal for successful completion of all your technical tracing needs. The diameter of the lead if identified by the cursor colour. Brass Morse key. Metal ribbed grip. Equipped with gradation indicator at top of metal structured collar. Reinforced lead: 20% more solid than traditional lead. Extreme density, clean tracing and contracted tracing. Tip cleaner for use in event of obstruction of the gun.


Felt pen for administrative work

Ideal for administrative work (documents, labels, etc.). Does not bleed through paper. Dense colours.
Nylon felt tip, flexible and resistant. Available in 3 colours: black, blue and red.


Ultra-fine markers

Ultra-fine marking/drawing pens. The Pin’s sliver produces smooth ink flow for ease of writing. High-precision 1/1000mm caulking eliminates any possibility of sliver cave-in or falling out. Pigment Ink – will not fade or be washed off.
Line width : 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm et 0.8mm.


Pigment ink oil-based permanent marker

Ideal for use as a laundry or CD marker. Writes on all kinds of surfaces, like fabrics, plastic, glass, metal and paper. Will not fade with time, light, water, bleach and acetone resistant. Line width : 0.9mm fine line, black colour.


Permanent markers Edding 2000C/2200C

High-quality Edding permanent markers for writing on, marking, and labelling virtually all materials – even metal, plastic and glass. Lightfast, quick-drying ink. Water-resistant and wear-resistant on almost all surfaces. All models refillable. Low-odour ink with no added toluene/xylene. Permanent marker with bullet tip (Edding 2000C 1.5-3mm) and chisel tip (Edding 2200C 1-5mm).
2 available coulours : black, blue, red and green


Permanent markers Edding 400/404

High-quality Edding permanent markers for writing on, marking, and labelling virtually all materials – even metal, plastic and glass. Lightfast, quick-drying ink. Water-resistant and wear-resistant on almost all surfaces. All models refillable. Low-odour ink with no added toluene/xylene. Permanent marker with bullet tip on 2 thickness (Edding 400: 1mm; Edding 404 : 0.75mm), permanent, low-odour ink.
2 available coulours : black, blue, red and green


Paint marker Edding 751/780

For designing, writing and decorating greetings cards, letters and labels. Particularly good on dark and transparent materials and really smooth surfaces, such as glass. Low-odour pigment ink with no added toluene/xylene. Waterproof, quick-drying, extremely lightfast and smudge-proof. Ink flow regulated by a special valve. Paint markers with bullet tip on 2 thickness(Edding 751 : 1-2mm; Edding 780 : 0.8mm), permanent, low-odour pigment ink providing an opaque lacquer finish.
4 available coulours : black, white, silver and gold


Specialist markers 950

For specific marking and labelling applications. High-quality ink – specially adapted to the requirements of each application. Highly permanent colour paste with excellent opacity, which is lightfast, smudge-proof and water-resistant after drying. Ideal for use on rough surfaces, unclean materials and rusty metals.
3 available colours : white, black et red


Japanese brushes

Hand-crafted. Lamb’s hair with a wooden handle. The soft, flexible hairs of these brushes allow dust to be removed from documents and works with no risk of abrasion. They are also suitable for gluing and pasting operations.


EVACON-R™ Conservation Adhesive

A specially formulated neutral pH, non plasticised, reversible archival paper laminating adhesive. The adhesive was originally specified by CXD and designed by a leading adhesive chemist for laminating Timecare Heritage Museum Boards, Conservation Boards and Premier Archival die cut Boxes and Envelopes.
With the guidance of the late Fred Marsh and in conjunction with the adhesive chemist, it was decided that an EVA type adhesive best fulfilled the requirements of conservation with the practicalities of laminating. The adhesive is designed to be as safe as possible for all kinds of storage uses including photographs. It has passed the Silver Tarnish Test and PAT Test and is less susceptible to acid hydrolysis than the more common PVA adhesives which can break down and emit acetic acid vapours. These vapours can be particularly harmful to boxed items trapped in a microclimate. The resistance to hydrolysis of the EVACON-R™ is probably due to the random blocks of ethylene which affect the stereochemistry of the system. The incorporation of a small quantity of calcium carbonate also helps to stabilise the system.
Suitable for laminating papers and boards, boxmaking, envelopes and general bookbinding work.


Culminal® MC2000 Methylcellulose

Culminal® methylcellulose derivatives are cellulose ethers which when dissolved in water, offer a variety of functional properties. Culminal® products are granular powders and are used as thickeners, protective colloids, stabilisers, suspension aids and water-retention agents in many industrial applications. Culminal® is easily soluble in cold water though not soluble in hot water. Culminal® is a non-ionic cellulose ether and is compatible with many surfactants and polymers such as starch, guar and alginates. Solutions of Culminal are pseudoplastic, with some solutions showing thixotropy. The solution viscosity is a function of the temperature; as the latter increases viscosity decreases.
When reaching the gel temperature gelling and flocculation of the polymer will occur. This process is reversible upon cooling. Viscosity is nearly independent of the pH over a wide range.
Culminal® cellulose ethers have many functional properties, such as water retention, thickening and stabilizing action, binding ability, adhesion, protective colloid, suspension effect and emulsion stabilisation and film formation.



This professional iron is ideally suited to restoration work of furniture, paintings and all heat-sealed finishing. Voltage 100W, delivered trouble-free, 4 spatulas g to be chosen from according to your needs (available as an optional extra). The temperature of the spatula can be adjusted using an RP500 regulator (optional extra) to suit the job being performed or just to save energy. The temperature is adjusted using a potentiometer, graduated from 1 to 10, in the middle of the spatula that controls the amount of power absorbed. The range goes from 30 to 300°c.
Caution: the SMM, SPM and STPM must be used in conjunction with the RP500 regulator in order to avoid overheating.


Paper pulper – 2 litre model

This devise was designed for small restoration workshops for which it makes little sense to run large-scale production using a lot of pulp for working on filling machines (see page 134). This fibre-extracting apparatus can be used to make all types of pulp and other product mixtures.
No particular electrical fittings are required.
This devise is stainless and complies with the prevailing standards for preparing pulp for paper-making. The tank and support are made from PVC. The stainless steel wheel shaft and propeller are detachable so that the tank can be removed for pulp to be collected.



Freedom to clean anywhere
Remarkably quite operation makes daytime cleaning in offices and hospitals easily viable
Ergonomic backpack harness is of premium design to ensure comfort and to minimize stress
Innovative technology ensures top performance
Fully recyclable components used for reduced ecological impact
The Nilfisk GD 5 Battery is a backpack vacuum that requires no electrical connections, thus offering greater freedom to clean just about anywhere. With a running time up to 30 minutes per battery and with extra battery packs available, the machine can be used continuously. The charging procedure for 1 battery can be completed in just 45 minutes.
Accessories:1 filter bag, 1tube souple, 2 rigid pipes, 1 floor nozzle, 1 battery et 1 recharger.
Option: Battery additional or filter HEPA


Description Unit GD 5 Battery
Airflow l/sec. 30
Capacité du sac l 5
Surface du filtre principal cm² 1400
Length x Width x height cm 38x33x70
Weight kg 7.7

Delphine Vacuum cleaner by water filter

Rain, snow, mist, dew, wet meadows and leaves - so water - binds dust and cleans the air in a natural way. That's exactly what the DELPHIN does for you, our customer, without anything getting wet in your rooms. Delphin, air cleaner, vacuum cleaner with water bath, allergy vacuum cleaner, water filter vacuum cleaner, cleaning appliance or however it is named - it is something special.
The only things the DELPHIN uses to bind dust are water and the 3-stage efficiency of the L-Lamella for final cleaning of the suction air.
There are no filters, HEPA filters or the like which slow down the air and put the water filter system in question because of fine dust and dampness.
As TÜV (like MOT) confirmed, the DELPHIN has a dust and dirt separation efficiency of approximately 100 %, to be exact 99,9991 %, only with water and the L-Lamella.


Testo 175H1, 2-channel temperature and humidity data logger

With its long-term stable humidity sensor, the testo 175 H1 is the professional data logger for the monitoring of temperature and relative humidity in work and storage rooms. The external probe (stump) stands out thanks to faster reaction times in comparison to probes installed inside the housing. Energy savings are an important topic for buildings. However, better external insulation and new, energy-efficient windows can also have undesired side-effects. With the targeted reduction of "natural" ventilation, more heat is retained in the building on the one hand, but on the other hand also more humidity, caused, for example, by the inhabitants. In badly ventilated places there is therefore the danger of mould growth. The testo 175 H1 continuously records temperature and humidity values and shows the dewpoint in the display. The indoor climate is thus monitored, emphasizing the need for targeted ventilation and air exchange. 175T1 is a simplified version, it’s smaller, but it has only temperature sensor.
• Professional long-term monitoring of temperature and humidity in work and storage rooms
• Fast reaction time thanks to external humidity probe

Technical data :

175H1 175T1
Memory 1.000.000 readings 1.000.000 readings
Stockage temperature -35 … +55 °C -35 … +55 °C
Operating temperature -35 … +55 °C -35 … +55 °C
Dimensions 149 x 53 x 27 mm 89 x 53 x 27 mm
Probe type T° :
Measure range -35 … +55 °C -35 … +55 °C
Accuracy ±0.4 °C (-20 … +55 °C) ±0.5 °C (-20 … +55 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C 0.1 °C
Probe type HR :
Measure range 0 … 100 %HR -
Accuracy ±2 %HR (2 … 98 %HR)
+0.03 %HR/K
Resolution 0.1 %HR -

High accuracy balance

These balances are ideal for measurement high accuracy, 2 models are available : up to 200g, accuracy ±1 mg; up to 2 000g, accuracy 10 mg, very competitive price. Supplied with batteries.


Microchamber Emulsion

A black liquid consisting of activated carbon in an aqueous dispersion with calcium carbonate and acrylic polymer. pH 8, total solids (+/-1%): 37.4. Designed to protect against cumulative by-products of deterioration, pollutants (whether from outdoor or indoor sources) or harmful substances which may migrate from materials such as wooden plan chests, transit cases, display cabinets, lantern slide boxes etc.



The KL 1500 LED is an innovative fiber optic light source which uses cold light to illuminate all types of objects in industrial and life science applications. It is a benchmark in the field of LED light sources. Employing state-of-the-art technology, SCHOTT has developed and designed a multiple LED driven light source to provide an attractive alternative to conventional halogene cold light sources.
The brightness is equivalent to a 150-watt halogene lamp and therefore optimized as a standard illumination system for the requirements of all stereo microscopes.
An optimized heat management is assured by an extremely silent fan.
The LEDs have an extremely long lifetime of at least 50,000 hours. That means users do never have to change bulbs which reduces the costs of ownership and avoids service and downtime costs. Due to 80% lower energy consumption of LED light sources compared to conventional halogene light sources there is additional potential to save money.
Emitting neutral white light (approx. 5,600 K) the KL 1500 LED is DC driven. The ripple free illumination is perfect for digital imaging applications.
An additional benefit is that the color temperature does not change when the light source is dimmed.
The KL 1500 LED combines all advantages of LED light with the advantages of illumination through fiber optics:
Significantly higher light intensities can be focused to a very small field of view.
Further all kinds of light guides of the KL 1500 series can be connected to the KL 1500 LED. That allows the full flexibility to realize all common illumination techniques and all existing inspection processes remain valid.


TEVISIO - LED magnifier luminaire

Whether in laboratories or in the watch-making industries, TEVISIO is essential wherever your eyes are put to the test. In manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance or general examination, it applies ergonomic perfection to support highly demanding visual tasks.
With the latest LED’s, innovative arm technology and a visual field designed for optimum performance, the TEVISIO magnifier luminaire combines high efficiency with ergonomic design in the workplace.
Compared with conventional magnifier luminaires, TEVISIO is 40% more efficient while maintaining high illuminance levels. At an illumination level of 6,000 lux the power consumption is only 14 watts.
The long LED life of up to 50,000+ hours saves on maintenance and downtime costs. This makes TEVISIO highly economical to operate.
For maximum operating flexibility, TEVISIO offers a choice of two arm lengths: TV50L11 : 484mm + 500mm, TV40L11 : 384 + 400mm,
Specifications :

• 48 x LED
• Power consumption 14 watts
• Colour temperature neutral white 4,000K
• Light guidance via reflector
• Glass lens Ø 153 mm with 3.5 dioptre magnification + 8 dioptre (additional lens)
• Housing made of anodised aluminium and black high-performance plastic


UV LED torches

Portable UV torches with aluminium bodies. Impermeable, light and compact. Equipped with UV LED spotlights. These torches guarantee constant lighting throughout their batteries life span, i.e. for 50,000 hours.

2 models available:

TL41UV, fitted with 41 spots, ideal for lighting big surface areas.
TL9UV, fitted with 9 spots, small and compact, easy to transport.


Wave length: 380-400nm.
Size: TL41UV: 14.3 x 5.3cm; TL9UV: 10 x 2.7cm
Supplied with AAA batteries (3 for TL9UV and 4 for TL41UV)


Enables detection of repainting, touch-ups and optical whiteners

You are strongly advised to wear glasses with UV protective treatment when using these UV torches. See page 77 for the range of anti-UV glasses.


Linen Tester

Convenient, fold away, metallic body, black finish. Lens is biconvex, optically ground silicate glass.

• Ø : 27mm
• Dimensions (open): 52 wide x 38 deep x 52mm high
• Dimensions (close): 52 wide x 38 deep x 12mm high
• Cut out of base: 27 x 27 mm
• Magnification : 6X
LED lamp stand magnifier

This magnifier has 2.5 magnification, 80mm diameter lens and black plastic base, illuminated by LED. It is portable and battery operated – 4 AA batteries are included.


Dimensions (open): 125 wide x 95 deep x 135mm high
Dimensions (close):125 wide x 95 deep x 45mm high
Cut out of base : 60 x 60mm
Magnification : 2.5X


Filling machine

Easy to use, this machine was mainly designed to provide restorers with all the benefits of high-quality, fast working. It is the ideal machine for restoring graphics documents that have been partially damaged through chemical, biological or physical degradation.
The entire job can be completed in one go. The merit of this machine resides in its specially-made pneumatic control function which allows treatment without any danger.
A smaller model is available for independent workshops.


Work boot with gas extractor and purifier

This machine is already being used in many restoration workshops around Europe. It conforms to standard EN-1822 CE covering toxic emissions.
This booth is fitted with a lighting room that allows for risk-free work in total safety. The apparatus is equipped with a PRO150 purifier and a HEPA filters. It requires no external expulsion.


Paper press – PR36

The manual press is made from welding steel, laminated with antioxidant treatment and features oven baked polyester coating.
Usable dimensions: 50 x 40 x 30cm
External dimensions: 50 x 40 x 70cm
Maximum constant power: 200kg
The platforms are protected with a PVC board to eliminate any oxidation.
Dimensions between platforms: 350mm
Gross weight: 80kg with packaging
Net weight: 60kg


Large format cutter – Simplex

Keencut Simplex’s innovative design offers exact accuracy for general purpose cutting of wide format materials up to 3.1mtrs wide. Keencut Simplex features a straightness guarantee of 1.00mm, or 1:3000 over the length of the cutter bar, Simplex is an economical alternative to the Keencut Javelin where less extreme accuracy is required.
Keencut Simplex is lightweight, portable, and perfect for cutting PVC Foamboard, Vinyl, Woven Fabrics, Foam Centred Board, Honeycomb and Corrugated Plastics, Film, Paper, Tissue and many more flexible and rigid display materials.
The Simplex uses utility knife blades and features blade depth adjustment and a spring-loaded blade ejector as standard. The utility blades will cut to a depth of 10mm (0.4”). the patented linear bearings have been tested under load for 1600km (1000 miles) and carry a 20 year guarantee. Full length silicon rubber grip strips ensure all work is clamped whencutting and also protect the surface of the material being cut.


Dehumidifier - NARCISO16 MODEL

The Narciso 16 dehumidifier has the capacity of 3.5 litre water tank. It has an automatic shut off when the tank is full and a warning light will indicate when the tank needs to be emptied; alternatively the dehumidifier can be used with continuous drainage (hose not supplied).
The dehumidifier does this by turning the compressor off; the fans however will continue to run drawing ambient air over the coils, thus melting any built up ice. This allows the dehumidifier to operate at temperatures as low as 10°C.

Dimensions (cm): W41 x D29 x H63
Weight: 16kg
Noise level: 45 decibels (measured at 1m distance)
Extraction: 8L at 27°C/60%rh, 16L at 30°C/80%rh
Tank capacity: 3.5litres
Continuous drainage hose size: 13mm inner diameter
Operating temperature: 10°C - 35°C
Power consumption: 300W
Air circulation: 180m³/h


Dehumidifier - OD125/165 MODEL

These rugged, low-temperature units are robust, built to withstand commercial use, and perfect for residential use where long-lasting dependability is a must. Frost-free system enables operation in ambient temperatures as low as 5°C, with operation range up to 36°C. Automatic Humidistat Control automatically turns unit ON or OFF at pre-selected moisture levels.


< < < <
  OD125 OD165
Power consumptin : 370W 480W
Dimensions (cm) : W38 x D36.2 x H60.5 W38 x D36.2 x H60.5
Air flow : 425m3/h510m3/h
Extraction capacity (at 30°C / 80%): 22.4L/24h27.2L/24h
Max. room capacity : 500m3 600m3
Operating temperature : 5° - 36°C 5° - 36°C
Noise level (measured at 1m distance): 45 decibles 55 decibles
Weight : 22.7kg 23.5kg

Humidifier - LBV45 MODEL

This humidifier is for offices, walk-in humidors, museums and galleries or any area up to 350m³. Adjustable hygrostat and swiveling diffusion screens . 30 litre tank offering great autonomy. 4 rollers ensuring mobility. On/off indicator light. When the tank is empty the device shuts down automatically and a light indicator comes on.


• Air capacity (at 21°C/30%rH) : 45 L/24h or 1.87L/h
• Air flow : 500m3/h
• Power consumption: 70 W
• Noise level : 32.5/42.8/47.1 decibles
• Tank capacity: 30 litres
• Dimensions (cm): 74 x 39 x 76
• Weight: 12.4 kg